An Overview of Marthoma Matrimony

As said by Fawn Weaver, “A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created.” Marriage is like a roller coaster ride. You may go up and you may go down, but what matters is with whom take the ride with. Having a great partner for your ride is what makes it special. Marriage is a very bumpy ride and you need your best partner to make it a memorable one. No marriage is complete without a third wheel that helps them through their story. It maybe your friend or family, but not marriage has happened without the cupid in action. As the best Marthoma Matrimony site in India, we make sure that marriages fixed in heaven are made true on earth.

The Kerala Marthoma Matrimony is a beautiful blend of tradition and individuality. While the Marthoma bride and Marthoma groom chooses a partner of their own choice, they make sure that their family is equally a part of their marriage. The Kerala Marthoma matrimony is deep routed in the traditions and customs that go way back to the ancient rituals. The present matrimonial rituals are a blend of the traditional ceremonies followed by Christians, respecting the customs of the Indian culture as well.

The ceremonies of Marthoma Matrimony are very attractive. The Marthoma Matrimony ceremonial begins with the Betrothal where the bride and groom present each other rings that are blessed by the priest. The ceremony takes place in the congregation in front of witnesses. According to the customs, the Kerala Marthoma matrimony are on Thursdays. The Marthoma groom waits for the Marthoma bride at alter. He presents the Golden pendent (Minnu) and a Wedding Saree for the priest to bless before it is given to the bride during the ceremony. The wedding ceremony begins by blessing the couple and joining their hands as a symbol of the uniting them in marriage. They exchange wedding rings which they shall wear till the end of their life.

The most important part of the Marthoma Matrimony is the crowing ceremony where the Marthoma bride and Marthoma groom are crowned as the King and Queen. The couple will remain to be treated as King and Queen for seven days by their family. The Kerala Marthoma matrimony is very colourful and creates a happy vibe in all attendees. Our Marthoma Matrimoy site has indeed made an impeccable impact to the concept of arrange marriages for the Christian spec. In a traditional country like India where families are equally involve in choosing a bride and groom for their family, Marthoma Matrimony has very much become families’ favourite partner. We offer reliable and authentic list of brides and grooms to be from the Marthoma community. A proper scheduled process goes into process while choosing an appropriate choice for someone. We make sure that both the families are as compatible as the Marthoma bride and Marthoma groom. Over the years Kerala Marthoma Matrimony has successfully accomplished numerous marriages and have become one the leading matrimonial platforms in Kerala.